I hired Angelica's cleaning services for a deep house one-time cleaning and loved the results. The two cleaners that came to our place were fast, thorough, and went above and beyond our requests and expectations. We'll most likely have them come back regularly.

Fernando L.


This service is spectacular. Fast and efficient as heck. They coordinate everything flawlessly and are very thorough with their work. I'm 100% satisfied and will definitely repeat business. I would definitely recommend them; if you need your place to be clean!

Joseph S.


Angelica's team is always great! They arrive on time and clean our house perfectly every time, going so far as to clean our electric toothbrush bases. I can't wait for them to come every two weeks so I can have my house sparkling again!

Sarah S.


My husband and I were in the process of moving out and wanted to do an excellent job in our pre-move out inspection for our apartment in El Cerrito. I sought quotes here on Yelp and Angelica both responded first and gave us the most reasonable quote. Her cleaners came right on time and worked literal magic over the course of 90 minutes. I have never seen our apartment cleaner or more organized. I only wish I had known how excellent Angelica and her team are before I had to leave town. Do yourself a favor and hire them!

Katie M.


Angelica's Cleaning does a great job, they're flexible about appointments and once they get to know your house, they are in and out expediously! Pricing is reasonable for regular cleaning. I'd definitely recommend them!

Angela I.


Angelica's Cleaning gave a prompt response on Monday and had a spot open at 7 am the next morning. This allowed me to not have my work schedule disrupted as the cleaning was for one-time cleaning of the common areas of an apartment building. The verbal description I gave resulted in a very accurate final cleaning cost.

When they arrived, it was like commandos on a beach when I opened the front door as 3 ladies began enthusiastically working away. They said it would take them an hour and I went about getting ready for work. Sure enough I came back in an hour and they were wrapping things up. They even vacuumed places areas that I didn't tell them to clean. The common areas look and smell so much cleaner.

I would use them again, no question.

Braulio S.


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